The Pistone Olive Pitter

The Pistone was developed as an intermediate between small handheld pitters and expensive commercial machines. Handheld pitters are relatively slow and likely to cause repetitive strain injury (RSI). ideatolife worked with Pistone to develop their initial pitter design into a lightweight, compact version which was cost effective to produce- but still aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

The Pistone design combines a number of manufacturing techniques to produce a product which is both economical and affordable including aluminium extrusion, anodizing, engraving and machining. Stainless steel components are used to make the Pistone food safe and easy to clean.

IdeatoLife loved working on the Pistone. Helping this great product reach a larger market with well-planned engineering and well managed manufacturing allowed us to keep costs down, passing on the excellent outcomes to the client.

Services rendered:

Concept Refinement

Detailed Design


Tooling Design & Manufacture