Product Development Process

New product development is a dynamic and hands-on process that requires both technical development and marketing or business expertise. There is no formula when it comes to product development however, as an inventor it is important to understand the process and stages ahead. From refining your idea, to conducting market research and prototype testing through to production, manufacturing and delivery; IdeatoLife will guide you through the product development process and get you one step closer to launching your product.

We begin by refining your idea, by discussing with you what your ambitions are, together we determine how we are going to approach any issues that will arise.

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We then move onto scouting your future target audience and seeing what competition already exists within the market - if there even is a market for you to compete in.


Our next move is to create official paperwork and designs - this allows you to take your idea to investors and assists in the legal process later in the journey.


Next is making a prototype, with the equipment already at our disposal we can design and create your first prototype - which not only can further assist you in gaining funding from outside sources but also helps in ironing out any flaws.

Then it's time for our speciality. Once everything is in place and we have the capability to produce your product on a large scale we move to manufacturing to your exact specifications. If there is something we are not capable of, due to our experience within in the industry we can easily connect you with reliable professionals who can.


On the legal side, we then move onto working with you to obtain a patent for your product, to protect your intellectual property. The legal hurdles that can be put up are sometimes very intimidating and our aim to lead you through it all.

The final step of getting your product finished is the packaging, based on market research through consumer surveys and proven marketing theory we help design practical and effective packaging which allows you to create a brand. This is a huge part of being able to capture your target audience.


Once the product is ready to go, the delivery method (how you actually get your idea to the customer) is worked out and we connect you with the appropriate companies to get your idea to market.

Finally, together with you, we launch your product. Through all forms of social media and other types of advertising mediums we put you product on the market and your journey with us is complete.

Drawing on a Board