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Automotive Product Design - Rhinohide™

A tamper proof lock designed specifically to be used with Rhinohide Armor®

The Rhinohide Security Lock is a tamper proof lock designed specifically to be used with Rhinohide Armor®. Rhinohide™ contacted Idea to Life with the express purpose of producing a computer aided design (CAD) model for the lock.

Project vision and approach

Idea to Life worked with Rhinohide™ to model the lock based on a previously manufactured version. The lock was designed to be simple to use given the right key, but strong against branches, water, and would-be-thieves.


Idea to Life was able to assist the Rhinohide™ in the final phase of product design by producing a CAD model of the tamper proof lock, leveraging manufacturing experience we designed the lock for strength, ease of use, and manufacturability.


Rhinohide™ is armour for four wheel drives which protects your vehicle from scratches and dents when out in the bush. The lock helps to safely attach the armour to the side of your vehicle, without the need for drilling.


Idea to Life worked closely with the client to rapidly iterate upon the design, keeping in mind the importance of strength and cost.


Concept development

Design for manufacture


Idea to Life delivered a robust product perfect the Rhinohide Armor® system.

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