Product design is such an exciting part of the development process. This is the stage where you can physically see your idea for the first time using the latest modelling software. Our designers will walk you through the process to ensure it is as simple as possible. If you have any questions about our methodology, make sure to contact us today, we would be happy to help.

Product Design - Build Your Idea

Customise Your Design

Build the Tangible Product

Once your idea has been well thought out, the design process can begin. The purpose of this stage is to design a tangible version of your initial idea. The team members at IdeatoLife can design your product and provide you with all the necessary information needed for the future stages of prototyping and production.

Working together with you, we will develop the physical design of your product and offer design solutions to meet the needs of your end-user. Being an experienced product development company, we fully back the quality of our strategic designs and our problem-solving ability.

Partitioned Leg Model_edited.png

How We Can Help You

 We will build your idea! The tangible product will be designed around the needs and wants of your target customers identified during market research and based on drawings made during concept design. Our team will provide an in-depth analysis to ensure that every aspect of the invention is made to your specifications providing the request is reasonable. 

Your end-users experience is important to us! Where possible, our industrial designers will offer suggestions to improve your products based on marketing research and their years of experience. You can feel comfortable knowing that your idea is in the right hands.

Hose Reinforcer CAD.JPG

View Your Product

Once your design is complete, we will show you what your new product will look like using the latest CAD modelling software. Our team will work with you to adjust the design as you see fit and customise where feasible. View the pathway to development with your own eyes!

Next Step:

Now that you have seen the path to development with your own eyes, it's time to move on to the next stage of our product development cycle, prototyping! One of the most exciting stages where you can feel and touch your new product.