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Previous Product Design & Development Projects

Consumer, medical, mining, oil & gas, defence, and agricultural product design

Witness the breadth of our expertise through a glance at our portfolio. Our work spans diverse industries, including consumer, medical, mining, oil & gas, defence and agricultural products. Each project reflects our commitment to excellence, precision, and innovative design. Explore the convergence of creativity and functionality in our array of products, showcasing our versatile capabilities across a spectrum of industries.


Product development projects have been displayed with permission of our clients.


Consumer Products

Idea to Life can help you make your product a reality; with extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing a range of everyday consumer products we are here to help. From concept to sketches, design to prototypes and manufacture to market we have every step covered.

face shield.PNG

Medical Devices

Requiring careful design, certification and manufacture Idea to Life has realised and deployed a number of medical products. Idea to Life can help you conceptualise, design, test, certify and market your medical products. Trust us to help you navigate the plethora of standards and TGA requirements and certifications in this field.

Excavator Tractor

Mining & Industry

Mining, oil and gas, and industry is the cornerstone to Western Australia's economy. Idea to Life is experienced in these safety and efficiency motivated industries, and can help you navigate the challenges to see your product reach the field.

rainwater catchment moulding


Idea to Life supports the design and manufacture of ingenious products for the agricultural sector. With a range of established agritech products and projects in this sector Idea to Life is prepared to make your idea happen.

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