Creating Your New Product Prototype

Test Your Design

Prototyping is an exciting stage of the new product development process. Prototyping is the creation of a physical and accurate scale model of your product. Products with a prototype are far more likely to be successful in the real world. But more importantly, it allows you to see, touch and feel the product idea that you brought to life!

Our Prototyping Methods

Depending on the project and how much you are willing to spend, we offer various options for creating product prototypes. Our team of experts will work with you and make suggestions based on which approach they think is best. Some Prototype methods we offer are:


We can work with you using computer-aided design (3D CAD) to generate a digital model of your product. 3D CAD is used to visualise your design, create renders and manufacturing drawings to determine the most appropriate manufacturing medium for your product. Our designers will work with you to ensure you are happy with these models throughout the process.

3D Printing

Today's 3D printing technology is one of the more viable options for prototyping. It is a rapid and cost-effective method to provide a vision of your product and its marketability. 3D printing is commonly used for plastics such as ABS, PLA, nylon and polycarbonate, but metal printing by SLS is also an option.  

Fabrication, Welding and Sheet Metal

IdeatoLife offer metal fabrication prototyping including bending, forming, cutting and welding. Sheet metal processes are used to create a range of parts such as enclosures and cabinets, tools, automotive and industrial components.

Fibreglass Prototyping 

We offer fibreglass prototyping as a cost-effective way to produce larger prototypes. Fibreglass is non-conductive and radiofrequency transparent making it perfect for housing electronics. Additionally, Fibreglass is also extremely moldable, making it ideal for prototyping.

Try out your product. We can rapidly produce end quality components for your appraisal.  Our fast, affordable and accurate methods of prototyping allow unmatched quality and functionality. Appraise your product without large investments, email our team to find out more.

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