We’ll Take Care of That

The key to any successful project is an air-tight plan. Once competitor & market research is concluded, IdeatoLife will create a comprehensive project plan inclusive of all concepts, drawings, costings, achievable goals to be accomplished in an agreed timeframe. You will learn early on what your project will cost and how long it will take- open and honest accounting is how we do business.

The main aim of concept design is to provide a clear and unified image of how your project will move forward. By the creation of conceptual designs and drawings we will define the basic parameters of the project.


In this stage, you will be able to visualise the application of your idea and will be asked to clearly illustrate it's application, form, function and usability. Ensuring that your concept is ready to proceed is an important step in the journey. 

The designs and drawings we create with you are the preliminary stage of product development and from here you can explore ideas and refine your project. The finalisation of your concept marks the end of the due diligence and research steps and marks the beginning of production. From here, you will eventually move into physical production.