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Concept Design

We’ll Take Care of That

Build a Project Plan

The key to any successful project is an air-tight plan. This is where concept design comes in. Once competitor & market research is concluded, Idea to Life will create a comprehensive project plan. This plan would include all concepts, drawings, costings, achievable goals and a realistic timeframe. We strive for a prompt delivery of project costing and time frames as part of our open and honest accounting practises.

Purpose of Concept Design

Our main aim of the concept design process is to provide a clear and unified image of how your project will progress. In this stage, you will clearly visualise the application of your idea and illustrate its application, form, function and usability. Ensuring that your concept is ready to proceed is an essential step in the product development journey. 

The designs and drawings we create with you are the preliminary stages of product development, and from here, you can explore ideas and refine your project.


The finalisation of your concept marks the end of the due diligence and research steps and marks the beginning of production. 


We value honesty. Here at Idea to Life, we are open and honest. It’s the way that we do business. The project plan provided will contain an agreed-upon timeframe of completion along with a set of tasks to be completed. We will be working with you during the entire process to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident about the journey. We are in this together.

Feel Confident With a Structured Plan

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