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Simplify the product engineering process

Meeting product requirements does not have to be hard! When engineering a product, there are potential pitfalls, conditions and safety measurements that must be considered. To succeed, your product must work well and also meet safety standards set by the government. Here at Idea to Life, we aim to simplify this process to make industrial design more accessible!

How we simplify the process

Our product development team consists of people of various skill sets with the goal of improving your product design to be market-ready. Based on your project’s needs, one of our team members will be assigned to work with you throughout the product development process. All of our engineers have a practical background in machining, manufacturing and industry, meaning they are well equipped to answer any questions you may have.


Throughout the process, our team will be in contact with you, be open and honest about limitations, and explain why or how certain things will / won’t work. Designing and developing your ideas are their passion. Rather than stressing about regulations, you can be focusing on higher-level thinking and innovation that brought you to Idea to Life in the first place!

Make changes to your prototype

Once a prototype has been made and tested, you can still make changes. Any changes you suggest will be considered by our industrial specialists and added where possible. Product design should be a fun process. By working with us, we give you the ability to adapt your product frequently throughout the process. Allow us to engineer your product side by side with you.

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