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About Idea to Life

Perth's leading product design team, manufactured by Adarsh Australia.

At Idea to Life, our methodology epitomises the fusion of precision and innovation, guiding your journey from conceptualisation to product delivery. Our product development experts meticulously define projects, breathe life into innovative ideas, and seamlessly transition into the realm of product design, engineering, and manufacturing. Our skilled team ensures that every detail aligns seamlessly with your vision, propelling your product into the realms of prototyping and rigorous testing. Our unwavering commitment culminates in delivering unparalleled solutions, completing a cycle defined by creativity and utmost client satisfaction. 


Since beginning in 2019, we have assisted over 700 clients design and produce products including protective armour for 4WDs, custom wall kits for underground mining, unique oil & gas products, and much more!

The Product Development Process

Our product designers guide clients from idea to manufacture and beyond.

Market Research

Concept Development

Product Design


Product Delivery

Branding & Marketing



Our Perth Industrial Design Team

The Out-of-The-Box Thinkers

Idea to Life founder



As the founder of Idea to Life, my mission is clear: to empower small businesses, start-ups, and inventors. With a diverse team of engineers, industrial designers, tool makers, manufacturers, and marketing experts, we specialize in a practical, manufacturing-oriented approach to design. Rely on our expertise to bring your innovative products and designs to life, always keeping production in sight.

Idea to Life head designer


The Real Boss & Industrial Designer

Khodaram, an award-winning Mechanical Engineer with over 50 years of product design experience, excels in pushing design boundaries while preserving intent throughout development. A passionate problem solver and entrepreneur, he has guided numerous inventors to success, utilizing his extensive cross-industry experience to find creative solutions to design challenges.

Steve S - Idea to Life General Manager.png


General Manager

With over 25 years of experience, Steve has expertise in effectively managing mechanical projects across diverse industries, including mining, oil and gas, and subsea. Steve's commitment to excellence and his proven track record make him a valuable asset in the successful delivery of mechanical projects, contributing to the overall success of the teams he collaborates with.

Sam - Idea to Life Production Manager


Production Manager

Sam is our machine shop production manager and his team is responsible for manufacturing prototypes and locally produced parts, as well as CAD drafting and tool design. Producing high quality, precision machined components is critical to prototyping and producing tools- delivering quality outcomes for you.

Keith - Idea to Life Industrial & Product Designer


Project Manager, Industrial Design

Keith is an accomplished innovator renowned for driving creative solutions and excelling in strategic project management. With a proven track record, he specialises in transforming visionary ideas into impactful realities. Keith's commitment to excellence and precision shines through in every project, showcasing his unique blend of creativity and strategic prowess.



Development Team Lead

Shane has a rich background in biomedical engineering and extensive experience in various mechanical engineering roles, he brings a versatile skill set to the table. Shane's expertise lies in seamlessly integrating his knowledge to contribute to innovative projects. His commitment to precision & creativity makes him a valuable asset to the team.

Matt - Idea to Life Product Development Engineer



A seasoned professional in the press tool industry, Matthew stands out for his expertise in manufacturing and design. With a wealth of experience, he excels in the intricacies of crafting precision tools and components. Matthew's proficiency lies in seamlessly translating design concepts into the manufacturing realm, ensuring the production of high-quality, efficient, and meticulously crafted products. 

Zach - Idea to Life



Zach is our market research and project launch specialist. His experience includes helping government-backed organisations receive further funding, as well as bringing commercial products to life and optimising the Search Engine Optimization of clients’ businesses. Zach enjoys working on the nitty-gritty of organisations' branding and marketing.

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