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Hose Clip Reinforcer

The Hose Clip Reinforcer is designed to be simple; lightweight and reliable with installation bolstering the joint between male and female hose connectors. Once installed the joint will no longer be blown apart by water pressure and with installation and removal simpler than connecting the hoses initially why struggle with hose connectors which perish over time.

IdeatoLife worked with the client who provided a simple prototype encompassing the idea and functionality the client hoped to obtain from their product. Drawing from the prototype and working with the client a refined, lightweight and ergonomic 3D CAD model was developed.

Once the model had been created FEA was conducted to analyze the stress distributions to further optimize the design and geometry of the component.

Satisfied with the conceptual design and analysis the next phase is the manufacturing of tools which allow injection moulding- critical to delivering such a product at an acceptable price point.

Our team of industrial designers can help realise your consumer product ideas into reality with excellent design and manufacturing capability to reach market.

Services rendered:

Design & Analysis


Tooling Design & Manufacture


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