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Mining Product Design - Grinder Controller

A control box and pendant to assist in the grinding application

This is a controller for an oil & gas client's industrial grinder. It combines a control box and pendant to assist in the grinding application to tolerance. The machine and controller is placed in situ.

Project vision and approach

Quality and proficiency were the guiding principles for this project. The goal for Idea to Life's product engineers was to allow safe and efficient operation of the grinder, making sure to allow workers enough distance between them and the machine. 

The control pendant allows for the adjustment of the grinder's speed, forward or reverse operating directions, and solenoid triggering.

The control modules and electrical design where custom created and manufactured specifically for this client.


The Idea to Life team designed using all mech design aspects including the mechanical, electrical, and air system. This includes SLS 3D printing the shell, developing and soldering the control system, and utilising pneumatics to control the machine.


The controller is used to control grinders, that are used to improve efficiency of the compressors.


First, we modelled the mechanical and electrical system, then started breadboarding and circuit design. Finally, we manufactured the assembly in-house.


Concept development






Electrical Wiring


Idea to Life delivered a specialised, proficient product which was vital for day-to-day operations.

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