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Partition Leg

The Partition Leg is designed to be both aesthetic and functional with the capabilities to extend the leg length to allow for stable and level propagation on angled and varied terrain.

IdeatoLife developed a concept, meeting criteria provided by the client in order to refine and create a 3D CAD model.

Once the model had been created FEA was conducted to analyse the stress distributions and internal stresses experienced by the component.

Satisfied with the conceptual design and analysis the next phase is the manufacturing of the component using industrial machines capable of accurate and consistent machining with a high production rate. The finished product is a reliable, aesthetic and adaptable multi-purpose leg that encompassed all of the constraints as specified by the clients initial concept.

Our team of industrial designers can help realise your consumer product ideas into reality with excellent design and manufacturing capability to reach market.

Services rendered:

Concept Design

Design & Analysis


Tooling Design & Manufacture


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