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We Believe In Challenging the Status Quo When it Comes to Product Design

Our industrial designers work with you to develop your ideas into beautifully designed and user friendly products

  • Own your design and drawings

  • Work with our professionals to develop your concepts into marketable products

  • Leverage years of multi-disciplinary industry experience 

Sketch prototyping product with client
Product Designer Using Callipers

Build a Product Prototype

Touch, feel and test your concept with our engineers

  • Validate and test your designs with our rapid prototyping capabilities

  • Our expert engineers will recommend the best prototyping methods for your idea

  • Build  functional 3D prototypes with our in-house state of the art facilities

Manufacture Your Product

Manufacture your ideas into reality with our industrial designers

  • Our team of engineers ensure your products are designed with manufacturability in mind

  • From rapid prototyping to full-scale manufacturing processes in house

  • We help select the correct manufacturing process for your quality requirements

Manufacturing Products

Product design is exciting, and it should be treated that way!

We are passionate about what we do and are excited to work with you to design your new product idea. We aim to simplify the process of industrial design to allow you to spend more time working on your new or existing business.

We understand how daunting the process may seem, but with our help, we can bring your new product to life! Contact us today to begin your new product development journey.

Our Partners

Idea to Life is an initiative by Adarsh Australia, Afaridan Plastics and PG Watson.


The initiative aims to bring accessible industrial design to Australia. By working with us, you gain access to years of industry experience.

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Afaridan Plastics logo
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The Idea to Life Product Design Team

Learn more about our services and history.

Useful blog posts and documents to help you on your product development journey.

Take a look at the products we have helped our clients create.

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Malaga, Western Australia, 6090

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