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Know your product will sell before you create it.

Our team of experts will set you up for success and test the feasibly of your product in the market.  With your involvement, we will analyse, conduct technical investigations and scope potential markets to find what makes your idea unique. From here, we will establish your competitive advantage and understand what it is that makes your idea stand out from crowd. This will give you the confidence to move forward with your idea, and how you should target your product.

How We Approach Market Research

We combine both traditional and innovative market research methods to develop, refine and optimise your idea. By using these methods we will determine who your customers are, their buying habits and what price they are prepared to pay for your product.  Our experts then use this market data, suggesting additional features or design improvements, to improve your idea and help make decisive decisions to create a viable product.

Our Market Research Methods

We don’t limit ourselves to traditional market research methods, we focus on new and emerging methods of market research to ensure we fully understand what drives customer behaviour. Our experts use qualitative research techniques to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, and motivations of customers. Our methods vary from focus groups, individual interviews to online group discussions and live chat.

Emerging market research methods are used by our experts to test what consumers say they will do and how they actually behave. We use social media to gain information is through interaction and observation. By participating in discussions, our experts observe a variety of answers and discoveries that might have remained hidden if only using traditional market research methods.


The Results Speak for Themselves

Our team at IdeatoLife have helped over 300 inventors, product designers and established brands gain the market insights needed to develop, refine and optimise their ideas. With our help, you can bring your idea to life. Call us today and speak to one of our experts.