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Our goal is to deliver great product ideas to market.

IdeatoLife is an initiative by Adarsh Australia, Afaridan Plastics and PG Watson Engineering. IdeatoLife aims to bring accessible industrial design to Perth; with engineering and manufacturing services combined with product design and marketing to bring your idea to life.

IdeatoLife provides low cost product design, product development, prototyping and manufacturing services. We will help you define the scope of your idea and refine your invention, offering assistance with product ideas, development or refinement of existing products that need improving.  We’re focused on creating custom solutions that develop your idea into a viable product.


With your passion and our team of industrial designers, engineers and manufacturing experts we will work together to realise the potential of your idea. From concept and product design through to prototyping, production, branding, and logistics. Our team will be with you every step of the journey, finding innovative solutions to the obstacles and challenges that appear along the way.


We’re passionate about helping you bring your invention to life. We will leverage your unique strengths to choose the right approach for you, whether that be conventional or revolutionary, and build a project plan that delivers results.

Explore our process as we guide you and your idea from concept to a commercially viable product.