About IdeatoLife 

Leave the Hard Stuff to Us!

We bring accessible industrial design to Perth. Our team of engineering, manufacturing, product design and marketing experts will help you deliver your new product to market. We understand how daunting the process may seem, but with our help, we can bring your new product to life!

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Our Services

We’re passionate about helping you bring your invention to life. Using what makes your product unique, whether your product is conventional or revolutionary, we will design a plan and approach for you to take. Here's how we can help you:

  • Define the scope of your idea and refine your invention! Our team of Market Researchers will help determine where there is a market for your product.

  • Create a plan! Explore ideas and refine your project. Work together with our team to create a Concept Design and set an agreed timeframe for the development process.

  • Design your way. Work with our team and finalise your Product design to suit your specifications.

  • Create a Product Prototype! Test your product and know what it will look like. We offer 3d printing, CNC machine cutting and more!

  • Make changes along the way. Product Engineers will work closely with you to make changes once your prototype has been tested.

  • Get your Product Delivered through our global manufacturing and logistics networks.

  • Gain a competitive advantage. We offer Product Branding solutions so your product will stand out in the market.


Once your product is finally finished, our team will help you launch your product into the market. We want to work with YOU. Find out more or contact us today; our team is friendly and always ready to help.

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Our Goal

IdeatoLife is an initiative by Adarsh Australia, Afaridan Plastics and PG Watson Engineering. The initiative aims to bring accessible industrial design to Perth and assist inventors on their journey for product development. Since beginning in 2019, we have assisted over 300 clients and have helped design and produce products such as Covid-19 face shields, electronic cobweb winders and much more!


Click HERE to view some of our projects.

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