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Agricultural Product Design - Rainwater Catchment

To provide a suitable method of managing rainwater for water tanks.

The Rainwater Catchment Moulding is an injection moulded agricultural product. The product itself is designed to provide a suitable method of managing rainwater for water tanks.

Project vision and approach

Idea to Life was able to work closely with the customer to design and manufacture a rainwater management system that is cost effective while meeting the products main goals and customer's criteria.


Idea to Life was able to help develop the customer's initially idea, keeping in mind the suitability of the design for mass manufacture. Once a design was created, the team prototyped and tested the part before manufacturing the part using injection moulding.


During mass manufacture, the team used the company's in-house manufacturing capabilities to ensure a high-quality result.


The Rainwater Catchment Moulding was conceived by the customer who wanted a better solution to manage rainwater.


We helped develop the product by  first assisting with conceptual and product design, before producing a prototype and moving to mass manufacture


Concept development






Idea to Life delivered a functional product that meets its criteria to manage rainwater while also remaining cost efficient.

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