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Consumer Product Design - The Cobweb Winder

The Cobweb Winder

The Cobweb Winder is an environmentally friendly, ethical way to cleanly and quickly tidy up spiderwebs around the home. By wrapping and winding up the webs, rather than dragging them around the clean-up job is quicker and more effective.

Project vision and approach


Envisaged as a clear departure from cobweb brooms which drag webs more than the collect them- the Cobweb Winder is made from aesthetically pleasing anodized aluminium, available in a range of colours. The Cobweb Winder telescopes, collapsing for easy storage and extending to reach webs tucked away out of reach. Using a motorised, custom moulded plastic wand allows webs to be wound away and collected, without any smearing or dragging.


As a fully capable, vertically integrated design hub Idea to Life developed the Cobweb Winder as a fully in-house developed product, including concept development, prototyping, design, manufacturing, packaging, web design, marketing and shipping. 


The Cobweb Winder is an environmentally friendly way to tidy cobwebs, without harming the spiders or leaving unnecessary mess.


Idea to Life developed this product from scratch, drawing on industry expertise to produce an easy to manufacture, yet aesthetically pleasing product.


  • Concept development

  • Design

  • Prototyping

  • Tooling

  • Manufacturing

  • Packaging

  • Web design

  • Distribution

  • Marketing


Idea to Life developed a successful, well executed product and delivered it to the market.

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