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Commercial Product Design - Adjustable Partition Leg

Adjustment of leg length for partitions used in washroom fitout

The adjustable partition leg was developed for Rynat Industries to allow significant adjustment of leg length for partitions used in washroom fitout- allowing the legs to be used on various surfaces, and set to the desired height.

Project vision and approach

Idea to Life developed a concept, meeting the client's brief, with complete CAD models and FEA (finite element analysis) to analyse the stress distribution within the component, and confirm the part would function safely.


As a fully capable, vertically integrated design hub Idea to Life was able to assist the client with nearly the entire lifecycle, from developing the client's prototypes and concepts, developing CAD models, producing 3D printed prototypes, refining the design based on client feedback and producing the finalised components, ready for end use in commercial washrooms.


The partition leg allows user adjustment of the leg height, allowing the same leg to be used in a range of fitouts and on nearly any surface.


Idea to Life worked closely with the client to rapidly iterate concepts and designs using additive manufacturing, before designing tooling and producing the final parts.


Concept development






Idea to Life delivered a robust partition leg suitable for a wider range of fitouts and surfaces.

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