Cosmetic Product Design - Razorector

The Razorector

The Razorector prolongs the lifespan of razor blades, doubling as a convenient storage solution. The inventor wished to both reduce the cost of disposable blades, as well as mitigate the environmental impact of the disposed product.

Project vision and approach


Minimising environmental and economical impact were clear driving forces for the project. To facilitate this, IdeatoLife facilitated a design shift away from timber to fully recyclable plastics and stainless steel, with minimalistic cardboard packaging.


UV stable plastics were utilised to improve the lifespan of the product, with tooling designed to minimise plastic usage. 


As a fully capable, vertically integrated design hub IdeatoLife was able to assist the client with nearly the entire lifecycle, from developing the client's prototypes and concepts, rapidly prototyping design iterations via additive manufacturing, to tooling design and manufacturing of the moulded parts and stainless steel inserts.


The Razorector was envisaged by it's inventor as a cost-effective way to extend the life of razors and minimises waste from disposable products.


IdeatoLife worked closely with the client to rapidly iterate concepts and designs using additive manufacturing, before designing tooling and injection moulding production parts.


  • Concept development

  • Design

  • Prototyping

  • Tooling

  • Manufacturing

  • Packaging


IdeatoLife delivered a robust, sustainable product meeting the customer's objectives.