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Idea Generation

Developing Your Product Idea

We'll help you develop your idea into a viable product.

Our Tips For Idea Generation

Every popular product was initially just an idea in an inventor's mind. Challenging the status quo and creating a new concept can be challenging.


With the help of Idea to Life, we can help you clearly define and develop your great product ideas. Work collaboratively with our engineers and product designers to build your idea into something ready for launch!


Brainstorming Ideas Icon

The first step of the idea generation process is to determine what your customers will want and/or need. Look at existing products, online marketplaces and google trends to start. Determine how your idea can outperform competitors in the market. From there, brainstorm, put pen to paper and list features you would like your product to have.

Discover tools and methods to assist in brainstorming.

Competitor Research

If you know what product category you want your idea to fall into, complete market research into what competitors do in that space. Review competitors, determine their shortcomings and meet the needs of their customers. If your idea can better meet the needs of customers, you have a good product. At Idea to Life, we offer market research services to assist in this process.

Competitor Research - Image by Scott Graham

Idea Screening

The Wall of Ideas for Idea Screening

If you have trouble choosing just one from your list of potential ideas, screen your ideas based on specific criteria. Determine which criteria mean the most to you and your selected products. Some criteria may include:

  • How well your idea meets customer needs?

  • How technically feasible is the idea?

  • What pricing strategy would you like to adopt?

  • How harsh is the competition? What will your marketing strategy look like?

How Did You Go?

There are many ways to generate new ideas; it's not as hard as you think! At Idea to Life, we believe everyone can be an inventor. Take advantage of our years of industrial experience and allow us to guide you through the process. Find inspirations for winning product ideas through brainstorming and market research; there are endless possibilities to explore.

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