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Consumer Product Design - Hose Connector Reinforcer

Simple to install hose connector clip

The Hose Connector Reinforcer solves an age old problem- unreliable, aging or damaged hose fittings spontaneously disconnecting. This clip is simple to install, and guarantees a sound connection, even under constant operation with perished fittings. Ideal for permanently connected reticulation.

Project vision and approach

Idea to Life worked with the client who provided a simple, functional prototype encompassing the idea and functionality they wished to obtain. Working from the client's prototype Idea to Life modelled the part, developed further prototypes and finally designed the final, optimised part.


As a fully capable, vertically integrated design hub Idea to Life was able to assist the client with nearly the entire lifecycle, from developing the client's prototype into a CAD model, adjusting and adding features to suit a volume manufacturing process (injection moulding), and the development and manufacture of tooling and the final components.


The Hose Connector Reinforcer was designed to guarantee a secure, leak-free connection, even on permanent installations with perished hose connectors.


Idea to Life worked closely with the client to rapidly iterate concepts and designs using additive manufacturing, before designing tooling and injection moulding production parts.


Concept development







Idea to Life delivered a lightweight, robust, low-cost product meeting the client's objectives.

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