Product Manufacturing and Production

Bringing your idea to the masses

Looking for a manufacturer for your product? Our team has you sorted. Our team will work with you, with scalability in mind to determine which manufacturing method is best for your product. Find below our manufacturing methods, or for any questions, contact our team.

How We Produce Your Finished Product:

Save time and effort dealing with manufacturers. It is intimidating enough to introduce your product design to the world. In our mission to make industrial design accessible and fun, we realised that dealing with manufacturers is usually a daunting task for new inventors. So at Idea to Life, we offer production solutions to meet your needs so you won't have to deal with 3rd parties yourself. 

We specialise in a range of processes to deliver the best results on a budget. Cut out the need of finding a manufacturer to produce your goods. You can benefit from our manufacturing expertise and long-lasting industry relationships to keep production costs low and ensure speed of delivery and reliability. ​

Product Manufacturing - red hot metal parts


From the start of your journey, no matter which step you begin at, we will always keep one eye on the end goal, the product launch. One key issue many inventors face during product launches is scalability. Scalability is the ability to handle an increasing amount of work during mass production. When determining a manufacturing method, scalability must be the main focal point to ensure you can keep up with demand. 

Economies of scale will allow competitive pricing when entering full-scale production. Working with Idea to Life, you will have assistance from manufacturing experts with years of knowledge and experience to guide you. 

Areas of Manufacturing We Specialise in Include:​​

  • Casting & Forging

  • Fabrication

  • Wire Cutting

  • CNC Machining

  • Plastic Manufacturing

​​Even seemingly simple steps of the manufacturing process can turn out to be complicated. Produce your product with experts that understand your goals and can cater to your needs. No matter how complex, intricate or delicate, we have the capabilities to get the job done!