Taking your Idea from paper to prototype.

The creation of a prototype, a physical and accurate scale model, represents a significant step in your product development journey. The significance being, that not only are products that have a legitimate prototype far more likely to be successful, but also the model itself illustrates how this concept that you brought to IdeatoLife, no longer exists only in your head.

The development of your prototype can be completed by several methods. Through computer-aided design (3D CAD), we can work with you to generate a digital model, which can then be translated to the most appropriate manufacturing medium for you product. With today's technology, 3D printing has become a completely viable option for prototyping. 3D printing has now become a rapid, easy and cost-effective method to be able to truly envision what your product will look like, come the time to bring your idea to market. Not only does 3D printing have the benefits of allowing extensive testing before larger scale production, or even mass production, but more notably it allows you another opportunity to change or alter your products design.

Using advanced processes we can rapidly produce end-use quality components. You'll get to appraise your product quickly, without a large investment in tooling and equipment.


Our fast, affordable and accurate methods of prototyping allow unmatched quality and functionality for a pre-production model.

We offer a range of processes for prototyping, with expedited services available, including:

  • 3D printing with fused deposition modelling (FDM), selective laser sintering (SLS) and stereolithography (SLA)- based right here in Perth!

  • CNC machining with cutting edge CAD/CAM design including lathes, mills, wirecutting, waterjet cutting and lasercutting, based locally

  • Fabrication, welding and sheet metal