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Mining Product Design - Push In Paste Wall

A prefabricated wall kit to assist in immediately walling off the mine stope

The Push In Paste Wall is a prefabricated wall kit to assist in immediately walling off the mine stope, eliminating the need for paste development. The walls can be quickly assembled and adjusted to the height and length needed and can be assembled in a little over an hour

Project vision and approach

Safety and efficiency were the guiding principles for this project. The goal for our product engineers was to allow these walls to be quickly and safely assembled, eliminating the need for paste development and making the job safer and more cost-effective. 

Meshed screens attached with hessian & mesh are foldable, extendable, and can be bolted onto the walls to make up the height and width of the drive. Once secured, the stope can be filled quickly without paste development. 


Our team at Idea to Life offer services throughout all stages of product development. Working with IBT as our client, we successfully helped engineer, prototype and manufacture their product based on their original idea.


The Push in Paste Wall eliminates the need for paste development, making the task safer and more cost-efficient.


Idea to Life worked closely with the client to rapidly iterate concepts and designs.


Concept development






Idea to Life delivered an innovative, robust product capable of saving thousands of dollars annually.

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