The Spill Seal

The Spill Seal

The Spill Seal is a simple solution to a simple problem- managing paint spillage and waste. Requiring a custom moulded section to suit a range of tins and withstand any commercial paint system and solvents means there's more to this product than meets the eye.

Project vision and approach


The Spill Seal had to be a very low cost, yet durable and dependable product. The Seal needs to fit a range of cans snugly, and allow easy clean-up and management of paint and waste.

IdeatoLife worked with the customer to iterate the original concept, assessing a wide range of manufacturing techniques, before settling on a custom-moulded component made from natural rubber.


As a fully capable, vertically integrated design hub IdeatoLife was able to assist the client with nearly the entire lifecycle, from developing the client's prototypes and concepts, developing samples from a range of material, testing material compatibility and producing the moulds, finished components and packaging.


The Spill Seal offers an easy way to bridge the gap in paint tins, facilitating pouring, clean-up and reducing waste from improper storage.


IdeatoLife worked closely with the client to rapidly iterate concepts and assess a range of manufacturing techniques.


  • Concept development

  • Design

  • Prototyping

  • Tooling

  • Manufacturing

  • Packaging


IdeatoLife delivered a simple, low cost product, packaged, branded and ready to distribute.