Our Perth Industrial Design Team 

The Out-of-the-box Thinkers

Perth Product Designer



As the founder of IdeatoLife it has been my goal to help small businesses, start-ups and inventors develop their products and succeed.  To achieve this, I have drawn together a multi-disciplinary team consisting of engineers, industrial designers, tool makers, manufacturers, commercialisation and marketing experts. You can rely on our expert input and advice to bring your new innovative products and designs to life.  We specialise in a practical, manufacturing oriented approach to design, always keeping production in sight.



The Real Boss and Industrial Designer

Khodaram is an award winning Mechanical Engineer with more than 50 years of product design experience. Khodaram has a passion for pushing design boundaries while maintaining design intent throughout the development process. He has helped many inventors design and manufacture award winning products, guiding them to success.  As a true entrepreneur, he is curious to solve problems utilizing his experience and knowledge across multiple industries to find creative solutions to design challenges.



The Amazing Tinkerer and Mechatronics Engineer

Mark is our skilled mechatronics engineer and tool maker.  As one of our veteran team members, Mark has made a huge impact to the business and has really become a part of the family. He approaches work with a methodical, problem solving approach and finds huge amounts of satisfaction in designing feasible products, paying close attention to the way they will be manufactured and assembled. Mark is an avid motorcyclist and suspension tuner.



Our CNC machinist

Sam is our resident CNC machinist, programmer and drafter. Sam is responsible for manufacturing prototypes and locally produced parts, as well as CAD modelling/drafting and tool design. Producing high quality, precision machined components is critical to prototyping and producing tools- delivering quality outcomes for you.



Lindsay is a mechanical engineer and our resident analyst- so if your product needs detailed design or analysis, including FEA and testing, go no further. Combined with CAD/modelling skills, prototyping and manufacturing experience Lindsay is prepared to tackle any problem. At home Lindsay works on cars and bikes, as well as tinkering with electronics and 3D printing.

Product Designer


The Jack of All Trades

Ben Saw is a creative magician. Delivering excellent work to clients means we need a team player who understands client needs and knows how to turn their idea to life. Ben is our resident Solidworks and Autodesk Fusion 360 expert; before you know it Ben will have a functional prototype to showcase your idea, backed up by manufacturing experience and expertise. Ben enjoys modelling and 3D printing in his spare time.