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Idea to Life team of industrial designers, engineers, and marketers

Our Perth Industrial Design Team 

The Out-of-The-Box Thinkers

Perth Product Designer and Idea to Life Founder, Faz Pollard


The Founder

As the founder of Idea to Life, it has been my goal to help small businesses, start-ups and inventors develop their products and succeed.  To achieve this, I have drawn together a multi-disciplinary team consisting of engineers, industrial designers, tool makers, manufacturers, commercialisation and marketing experts. You can rely on our expert input and advice to bring your new innovative products and designs to life.  We specialise in a practical, manufacturing oriented approach to design, always keeping production in sight.

Perth Product and Industrial Designer


The Real Boss and Industrial Designer

Khodaram is an award winning Mechanical Engineer with more than 50 years of product design experience. Khodaram has a passion for pushing design boundaries while maintaining design intent throughout the development process. He has helped many inventors design and manufacture award winning products, guiding them to success.  As a true entrepreneur, he is curious to solve problems utilizing his experience and knowledge across multiple industries to find creative solutions to design challenges.

Perth CNC Machinist


Our Local Production Manager

Sam is our resident CNC machinist, programmer and drafter. Sam is responsible for manufacturing prototypes and locally produced parts, as well as CAD modelling/drafting and tool design. Producing high quality, precision machined components is critical to prototyping and producing tools- delivering quality outcomes for you.

Jason the mecchanical engineer


The Problem Solver

Jason is our second mechanical engineer and loves nothing more than tackling new design challenges. With CAD modelling, FEA analysis, 3D scanning and prototyping skills under his belt, Jason will tackle almost any project you have with a smile on his face. Outside the office, Jason likes working on his cars, four-wheel driving and photography.



The Idea Developer

Shane is the newest member of the design engineering team at Adarsh Australia. He has a a wealth of experience as a biomedical engineer and in mechanical engineering roles.

Idea to Life's Marketing Person


The Marketing Man

Zach is our market research and project launch specialist. His experience includes helping government-backed organizations achieve their potential and receive further funding, as well as bringing commercial products to life and optimizing the Search Engine Optimization of clients’ businesses. Zach enjoys working on the nitty-gritty of organizations' branding and marketing. 

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