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Our Top Tips for inventors

The whole process of taking an idea from nothing and developing it all the way to market has so many pitfalls. The following information is provided completely free of charge to provide you some of the tools you need along your journey. The four topics below represent the main concepts not usually considered by those entering into the industrial design world for the first time. Take your time to explore the content below relevant to your situation and incorporate it into your thought process.

Patenting The legal side of creating a product poses many challenges. What requirements need to be fulfilled and how to protect your intellectual property should be your main concern.

Selling So many variables go into a strong marketing campaign. Know where to begin and how to unlock the segment of consumers that your idea targets. Prototyping Get up to date on the latest modelling techniques. From computer design to the methods of prototyping, educate yourself and select the most appropriate method for you. Designing A clear and well defined idea can greatly simplify your journey, see our step by step guide to establishing a suitable design. A proper design can be the key to translating your idea to commercial success. Idea to Life has the expertise and experience to fulfil your product design and manufacturing needs. For everything else, we can connect you with reliable professionals who specialise in other areas such as intellectual property protection, market research and global delivery services.


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