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When is World Industrial Design Day and Why it is Important?

World Industrial Design Day is observed on June 29. It is a day of celebration and reflection, observed all over the world.

This post will tell you more about the day, why it is important, the theme for 2022, how to get involved, and much more.

What is World Industrial Design Day?

World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) is an annual event celebrated internationally on June 29.

The day is significant as it recognises the importance of industrial design and designers in improving our lives. Today, we look around our home or office to think about the hard work that has gone into creating the products that we can sometimes take for granted.

The day was first declared in 2007, celebrating the World Design Organization's 50th anniversary. That means that 2022 is the 65th anniversary of the WDO and the 15th anniversary of World Industrial Design Day.

World Industrial Design Day is celebrated annually on June 22

What is the Theme for WIDD 2022?

World Industrial Design Day 2022 is reflecting on the theme of leadership, including the ways that designers strive to make a better future for our world.

More specifically, the day involves discussing how industrial designers can use their skills to create change and impact their local and global communities.

During World Industrial Design Day, a conference is held on June 29 and June 30. This year the forum covers topics including:

  • leadership

  • the future of design

  • inclusive design

  • global communities

  • and more.

Hosting the exhibits include these thought leaders in the industry:

  • Bertrand Derome

  • Natalie Dutil

  • Sarah Virgini

  • Lorraine Justice

  • and more.

How To Get Involved in World Industrial Design Day

There are many ways to celebrate World Industrial Design Day! Below is a list of suggestions, but please feel free to observe how you see fit.

  1. Revisit your favourite design books

  2. Celebrate #WIDD2022 on social media

  3. Apply to an industrial design competition

  4. Create a short video or post that celebrates your industrial design team

  5. Mentor a young designer or encourage youth to think about creativity and design.

At Idea to Life, we are getting involved primarily by shouting out our amazing industrial designers on social media. We are also spreading awareness about the day however we can.

If you are interested, this is how you can learn more about our team.

The Themes of Previous World Industrial Design Days

On previous World Industrial Design Days, panel discussions and activities were centred around sharing the vision of the design community.

Previous World Industrial Design Day themes included:

  • 2021 - Diversity

  • 2020 - Design For Everyday Life

  • 2019 - Responsible Consumption and Production

  • 2018 - Good Health and Well-being

  • 2017 - Thinking Outside the Box

  • 2016 - Defining the Industrial Design Industry in the Modern Age

  • 2015 - Redefining Design

  • 2014 - What is Industrial Design Today & What is an Industrial Designer

  • 2013 - Industrial Design is Open

  • 2012 - What is Industrial Design - Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of WIDD

  • 2011 - How does Industrial Design Improve Your Life?

  • 2010 - Humane Solutions for a Resilient World

  • 2009 - The Product of Human Creativity

  • 2008 - Highlighting the Merits of the Industrial Design Profession

The Difference Between World Industrial Design Day and International Design Day?

World Industrial Design Day is celebrated on June 29 and reflects on the positive impact of industrial and product design. International Design Day is celebrated on April 27 and is a chance to reflect on the value of design. Previously, the day was known as World Design Day.

As you can see, the days are similar in how they recognise the importance of design in our everyday lives. However, the main difference is that International Design Day celebrates all forms of design.

What is Industrial Design?

Industrial design is the process of designing physical products to be manufactured on scale. It is common for designed products to be produced at different quantities, depending on the target market. Products can also be manufactured for commercial gain and/or the betterment of users.

Industrial design or product design involves creatively and strategically defining products' features, form, material, and more. Designers work to improve the reliability, manufacturability, and aesthetics of a product.

We believe it is crucial to include as many people as possible in product development. If you have a great idea and need someone to help make it, please feel free to contact Idea to Life. We are a Perth-based product design and manufacturing company. To learn more about Industrial Design in a fun and digestible format, please enjoy the below video.

This video was not created by Idea to Life and Idea to Life does not necessarily endorse any content in the video or on the YouTube website.

Industrial Designs History

Some historians say industrial design can be traced back to the 19th century. This is due to the industrial revolution changing how products could be made, making it quicker and easier for products to be mass-produced.

Others believe industrial design is a 20th-century sensation. Modern-day historians consider German architect Peter Behrens the first industrial designer and one of the most famous.


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